The Orange Blog is Back

Hey everyone! Happy new year to you and yours. Hope y’all are still following RSS feeds and reading blogs, because I’m writing one right now.

Where Have I Been?

I took some time off from all of my hobbies and side projects in 2022 to do the WeeklyBeats challenge. Write one song a week, every week, for all of 2022.

It was an incredible experience, I learned so much, and made a lot of friends along the way. You can find the results (mostly chiptunes and techno with a little classical thrown in every once in a while) over at

What’s Next?

I enjoyed the “do a bit of consistent work every week” formula of the WeeklyBeats experience so much, I’m going to carry it forward into 2023 and my next project. What will it be?

Well, after writing a bunch of music just for me, I want to do something useful for the community. Swift feels pretty mature at this point, and there are a number of people doing an excellent job sharing the knowledge, so going back to that feels counterproductive.

What I am very interested in at the moment is bringing formal methods to a wider audience. That, of course, involves learning formal methods, myself. And after struggling a bit with that I’m happy to discover there are some major gaps in the FM resources available to your average developer.

So that’s my new plan for 2023; learn as much as I can about formal methods,1 blog what I learn so the interested can follow along, and then come October or November-ish, take whatever I have and compile it into a book on the topic.


So the primary way people kept up with this blog in the Before Times was via Twitter. Hey, so, Twitter collapsed! What’s a blog to do?

First off, I’ve moved to mastodon. You can follow me I’ll post there when articles are published, but also just about random life stuff.

Secondly, I’ve moved the blog to If you’re a user (and you should be, it’s great!) you should be able to do all the things with it. If not, RSS is still humanity’s last, best hope. Add this blog to your feed reader.

Finally, I hear people like getting email now? Or something? I can’t quite believe it, but if true, does give me that power. So if that’s something you’re into, @ me about it and I’ll set something up.

See you next week!

  1. With a particular focus on Alloy, for reasons I’ll explain next week. ↩︎